About Us

Purpose-built health care investment firm


Patient Square Capital is a dedicated health care investment firm that partners with best-in-class management teams whose products, services and technologies improve health.

We utilize our deep industry expertise, our broad network of relationships and a true partnership approach to make investments in companies that will grow and thrive. We believe in the power these companies have to improve patient lives, strengthen communities and create a healthier world.

Our Name

Patient Square is the embodiment of a patient approach to investing and a patient-centered orientation.

Successful health care organizations relentlessly focus on the patient and put the patient at the center of everything they do; successful health care investment firms do the same. Investing also requires patience.  Patience to find attractive opportunities.  Patience to make long-term decisions to improve patient lives and grow businesses. 

Patient Square’s team of industry-leading executives is differentiated by the depth of focus in health care, the breadth of health care investing experience, and the network we can activate to drive differentiated outcomes. 

Most importantly, patients are squarely at the center of all that we do.  


Delivering outstanding results to our investors by investing in businesses that strive to improve patient lives, strengthen communities, and create a healthier world

In an industry as critical, complex and capital intensive as health care, there exists a need for a specialized investment firm with substantial scale that is built for and focused every day on patient health.

Accomplishing this requires deep insights, strong relationships and extensive resources, including the following:

  • A dedicated mission, focused completely on improving patient lives that is purely aligned with management teams, companies, investors, patients and their families
  • Scaled pools of capital to match the capital intensity it takes to bring therapies to market and support organizations to grow and meet the needs of their patients
  • Executives who have spent their careers focused in this sector and who possess the pattern recognition and judgment to make outstanding investment decisions
  • Genuine depth and experience across the full and interconnected health care industry 
  • Capital flexibility to support both earlier-stage innovative companies as well as established organizations that are evolving
  • An understanding of legal and regulatory dynamics and how they may change over time
  • Specialized resources and experienced perspectives to assist management transform the way companies operate and perform