Patient Square Capital Team

Experienced. Focused. Multidimensional.

We have built a distinctive and diverse team with deep health care experience and a shared commitment to be the preeminent investment firm in health care.

Jim Momtazee
Managing Partner
Alex Albert
Founding Partner
Neel Varshney, M.D.
Founding Partner
Karr Narula
Founding Partner, Head of Transformation and Growth
Adam Fliss
Founding Partner, General Counsel
Laura Furmanski, Ph.D.
Partner, Head of Patient Square Insights
Jake Cabala
Partner, Head of Fund Partnerships
David Katz
Kaveh Samie
Partner, Chairman and CEO of the Middle East and Head of International Fund Partnerships
Matt Whelan
Partner, Chief Financial Officer
Kelvin A. Baggett, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A.
Managing Director, Head of Patient Impact and Chair of the EMPIRIC Institute
Bhavna V. Katkar
Managing Director, Head of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs
Ken Michalzuk
Managing Director
Ellie Humphrey
Operating Executive
Trit Garg, M.D.
Richard Stec
Executive Director
Eric Zhang
Ryan Gallagher, Ph.D.
Senior Research Lead
Katie Cumnock, Ph.D.
Senior Research Lead
Nate Seaman
Executive Director
Carolyn Drayer-Greenwalt
Chief Compliance Officer
Zachary Strasser, M.D.
Real-World Data Analytics Lead
Liz Hill
Senior Vice President of Finance
Mel Estrada
Senior Controller
Talia Anderson
Principal Director
Emily Guthrie, Ph.D.
Research Lead
Tia Vang
Hannah Carlino
Vice President
Jonny Dorf
Vice President
Joel Bateman
Associate Director
Gourab Banerjee, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Ben Ouwinga
Head of Administrative Services
Ryan Yee
Head of Technology
Thanh Nguyen
Tax & Treasury Assistant Controller
Daniel Fishbaum
Sorochi Van Sickle, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Patient Outcomes
Will Sauser
Udaivir Singh
Matt Lee
Fund Partnerships Associate
Mohammed Odeh
Relationship Manager
Leo Chan
Technology Specialist
Jave Balajadia
Accounting Manager
Rachel Kuff
Accounting Manager
Stephanie Ching
Management Company Accounting & AP Manager
Dalila Leon
Compliance Associate
Rebecca Marty
Senior Executive Assistant
Joanne Young
Senior Executive Assistant
Paula Mo
Executive Assistant
Jenn Ostergard
Executive Assistant
Misha Wainwright
Executive Assistant
Iris Phee
Executive Assistant
Stacey Pellizzari
Executive Assistant
DeAnna McDaniel
Executive Assistant
Dominika Füstös
Executive Assistant
Brett Steck
Executive Assistant
Wendy Cihak
Executive Assistant
Azaria Gresham-Tognetti
Reception and Head of First Impressions