Our Approach

Focused, deep & broad industry network

Investment Focus

We partner with market-leading management teams to support the growth of products, services, and technologies that improve health

Patient Square intends to participate broadly across health care industry subsectors, including products, services, and technologies that improve health.  Example subsectors include:

Development-Stage Therapeutics

Commercial-Stage Pharmaceuticals

Medical Devices, Diagnostics, & Life Science Tools

Health care

Tech-Enabled & Other Services

Our Advantage

Dedicated, Purpose-Built

We have the focus, deep and broad industry network and experience required to create differentiated outcomes in the health care sector:

  • keen insight on where the industry is heading
  • access to a wide array of investment opportunities
  • deep knowledge of subsectors to probe the important questions to make a thoughtful assessment of risk and opportunity
  • relationships with the experts who can answer critical questions
  • judgment and pattern recognition to make outstanding investment decisions
  • partner of choice to management teams and boards, earned through personal relationships built on integrity and a constructive approach
  • a network that can be leveraged to create opportunities and create value in the companies in which we invest

Differentiated Investment Opportunities

Our range of experience investing in both private and public companies, across every facet of the health care industry, positions us to identify, prioritize, and create value where other investors may not. 

Partnership Model

Great investments happen only where there is a trusted relationship and an aligned partner. 

We have invested in some of the most successful products, services, and technologies and have scaled and supported companies throughout their entire lifecycle. This experience gives us the insights and the curated network to be the partner of choice for leading health care teams. 

Transformation and Value Creation

Health care is a dynamic and innovative industry – and only those organizations that can transform and evolve will thrive  

Operational capabilities will enable us to see and unlock value across the health care spectrum.